2. Good afternoon people of Tumblr, I recorded a cover of Koji’s song Hemlock and here’s a link! Tell me what ya think!


  3. I drank too much coffee at shell and decide to put some of the first songs I recorded up into the internet. They’re not good but they’re on my bandcamp, at least listen to the beginning of Diggin Holes.

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    I will never not reblog this

    I’m still convinced Dankey Kang has to be a type of weed.

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    more progress!! definitely wanting to do prints

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  8. Distress Signal


  9. Hey guys, I recorded this album last year, I released it earlier this year and just recently relisten to it and I remember how proud of it I am. So if you haven’t listen to it yet give it a listen, I promise it’s not terrible.


  10. 2014 Halfway AOTY list

    This year has already been crazy good for music I can’t imagine it getting any better, but it will be when we get to hear the new Sidekicks, Joyce Manor, Gaslight Anthem, Young Statues and Hostage Calm albums. Shit, the rest of this year is gonna be rad!  But yeah here’s my halfway AOTY list. Check. It. Out. 

    1. Lawrence Arms - Metropole 

    2. Against Me - Transgender Dysphoria Blues 

    3. Saintseneca - Dark Arc 

    4. La Dispute - Rooms Of The House 

    5. Conor Oberst - Upside Down Mountain 

    6. The Menzingers - Rented World 

    7. Modern Baseball - You’re Gonna Miss It All

    8. Pup - Pup 

    9. Manchester Orchestra - Cope

    10. Seahaven - Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only

    11. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Christmas Island 

    12. Tigers Jaw - Charmer  

    13. Cheap Girls - Famous Graves

    14. Chris Cresswell - One Week Record 

    15. St. Vincent - St. Vincent